Nasmyth Appoints Leaders for Expanding Markets

Appears in Print as: 'Nasmyth Expands East Asian and North American Presence '

Nasmyth Group has hired Patrick Carroll to expand its presence in the East Asian market – particularly in China and Japan – and tasked Scott Hudson to do so in Canada.


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A map showing Nasmyth Group's global locations - with an emphasis on its new China, Japan and Canada locations
Photo Credit: Nasmyth

Nasmyth Group (Valencia, Calif.) is expanding its precision engineering businesses in China, Japan and Canada. Nasmyth Group has appointed Patrick Carroll – a Tokyo, Japan-based experienced businessman, engineer, linguist and senior manager – to reposition Nasmyth in the East Asian market. 

“There are opportunities across the East Asian low-cost manufacturing environment for Nasmyth,” says Patrick. “Equally exciting are the specialized services Nasmyth offers, including design and production engineering, metal surface treatments and system design and integration.”

Nasmyth is also extending its presence in Canada and the northeastern United States. Scott Hudson, a 6-year senior member of Nasmyth’s UK team, will expand the company’s customer base from Montreal, Canada.

“Nasmyth already has substantial engineering and product supply business in this region, but with this investment we look forward to further growth opportunities in North America and Canada,” says Scott.

“Existing engineering capabilities and the Groups’ global manufacturing in East Asia and Canada puts Nasmyth Group in the strongest possible position for the global market upturn as we continue to offer our customers a local high-quality service,” says Nasmyth Group COO Simon Beech.