PCI Publishes Fifth Edition of Powder Coating Handbook

PCI has published the fifth edition of Powder Coating: The Complete Finisher’s Handbook, an up-to-date guide to every step in the powder coating process.


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A photo showing a stack of copies of the fifth edition of Powder Coating: The Complete Finisher's Handbook
Photo Credit: PCI

The Powder Coating Institute (Lakewood Ranch, Fla.) has released the fifth edition of Powder Coating: The Complete Finisher’s Handbook. This 485-page handbook is a comprehensive guide to performing powder coating operations, targeted to those in the field and those interested in learning more about powder coating technology. 

“The fifth edition of the powder coating handbook is a complete update to every chapter, covering the latest trends and technologies,” remarks Greg Dawson, PCI’s education committee chairman. “This edition features color photos and graphics that truly bring the concepts to life. PCI has a vast pool of members that worked incredibly hard to produce the latest edition in what is recognized as the authoritative resource manual on powder coating.”

The chapters proceed in the order that powder coating systems operate. The all-inclusive handbook contains 21 chapters covering topics including powder coating materials, production analysis, surface preparation, application methods and equipment, powder recovery, curing, maintenance, quality testing, troubleshooting and much more. It also contains appendices with PCI technical briefs and recommended test procedures along with a system troubleshooting guide and a maintenance checklist. PCI believes the chapters and appendices will enable readers to specify and select equipment and powder materials that best meet their needs, and that the book will provide assistance in all aspects of the powder coating process.

Powder Coating: The Complete Finisher’s Handbook is available to PCI members for $60.00 plus shipping and $120.00 plus shipping for non-members. PCI offers the handbook from its online store, www.powdercoating.org/store.  


  • The Powder Coating Process

    Powder coating is one of the most durable finishes that can be applied to industrial manufactured products, and offers excellent corrosion protection and is very safe because of its lack of volatile organic compounds.

  • Curing Oven Basics

    Simply heating up the substrate does not cure the coating. There are many variables to consider when choosing the best cure oven for your application...

  • Coating Thickness Measurement: The Fundamentals

    A review of available test methods, common applications and innovative instrumentation...