Perstorp Converts Production to Solve Swedish National Disinfection Crisis

Perstorp started large-scale production of hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant for the Swedish healthcare sector in response to COVID-19.
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Perstorp large-scale production of disinfectants for COVID-19

Specialty chemical provider Perstorp (Perstorp, Sweden) has converted part of the production at its Perstorp plant to produce hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant in light of the shortage caused by COVID-19. Perstorp has the capacity to produce more than 2 million liters per month. The production capacity is expected to exceed the healthcare sector’s current disinfection shortage.

“Our large-scale production capacity can make a real difference at this time and help to solve the disinfectant shortage in the healthcare sector,” says Jan Secher, CEO of Perstorp Group. “This is our contribution to the important work that healthcare professionals are doing every day. I am proud that our innovative staff saw this opportunity to help. They have driven this initiative forward together with valuable help from authorities and partners.”

Production started last week. The aim is to continue for as long there is an acute shortage of disinfectants within the Swedish healthcare sector that regular suppliers cannot fulfill. In order to produce the disinfectant, Absolut Company delivers ethanol, which is mixed together with other ingredients. This is delivered to the Perstorp industrial plant with help of Univar Solutions and ExxonMobil. The disinfectant is bottled by Lefab Production and transported by Bertschi, Scandibulk och Eurolink to Socialstyrelsen, which distributes the products to healthcare services in regions across Sweden. The first delivery is expected to reach Socialstyrelsen this week.