Pneu-Mech System Enables Unique Footprint Powder Coating Line

Industrial door manufacturer ASTA America selected Pneu-Mech for a power and free conveyor than enables the company to powder coat long parts in a limited space.


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Photo Credit: ASTA America

ASTA America (Cartersville, Ga.) has specialized in commercial and industrial doors for more than 30 years. From rolling steel doors, to insulated service doors to slat doors, the company’s product offerings and markets continue to expand. The company found itself seeking a simple yet effective powder coating line for long parts. However, the installation also faced the challenge of fitting within a set area of ASTA’s facility, yet somehow still being able to accommodate the necessary long parts.

“We wanted a fully automated line and the longest part we could fit given the new addition we put on our building,” says Jimmy French, president of ASTA America.

The space constraints were an important consideration. ASTA expanded its facility to accommodate the new equipment but was limited by buffers on its property. The new equipment could be 300 feet wide by 260 feet long. An additional challenge was accounting for building columns in the new addition.

ASTA selected Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg. LLC (Statesville, N.C.) for the line, which features a power and free conveyor with a continuous track through a blast machine and powder booth with an indexing oven and cool tunnel. The line is capable of handling parts up to 23 feet in length.

“[Pneu-Mech] had to get very creative,” says French. “That’s where the power and free conveyor system came in. It’s a sophisticated system that jogs the materials around so we can maximize the size of the part.”

“It’s a unique layout,” adds Jason Gatton, director of sales for Pneu-Mech. “The power and free system  is used to get a lot of production through a  small footprint.”

The installation of ASTA’s new powder line began in April during the height of the COVID pandemic lockdowns, further complicating matters. Nevertheless, the line was completed in July. In addition to the Pneu-Mech power and free system, the line also includes an inline wheel blast machine provided by Blastec Inc. (Alpharetta, Ga.) and an inline powder booth provided by Nordson Corp. (Westlake, Ohio).