PPG Video Features Duranar GR, Coraflon GR Graffiti-resistant Clear Coats

Four-minute video describes, demonstrates graffiti-removal system for metal panels.

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PPG Industries’ industrial coatings business has produced a new video introducing Duranar GR (graffiti-resistant) and Coraflon GR factory-applied clear coats. When combined with Duraprep Prep 400 field-applied graffiti remover by PPG, the coatings create what is believed to be the only graffiti-resistant architectural coating system sold and tested by the same company.

The four-minute video, posted at ppgideascapes.com, describes how metal panels with factory-applied Duranar GR or Coraflon GR clear coats provide a graffiti-resistant barrier protecting the pigmented color layer of the panel, then demonstrates how Duraprep Prep 400 graffiti remover restores such panels to their original luster.

When field-applied to Duranar GR or Coraflon GR coatings, Duraprep Prep 400 graffiti remover can eradicate spray paint, pen and marker ink, lipstick, scuff marks, tape residue, bugs, tar and other substances that mar the appearance of commercial buildings.

PPG developed Duranar GR and Coraflon GR clear coats to help U.S. building owners combat vandalism by graffiti, a problem that costs an estimated $25 billion per year. They are made with the same resin technologies as standard Duranar and Coraflon coatings, and they offer the same performance warranties.

Duranar GR coatings are available in low and medium glosses; Coraflon GR coatings are for high-gloss applications. To learn more, visit ppgideascapes.com.

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