Raifsnider Appointed Chair of ASSP Z9 Committee

He previously served as vice chair and has been a member of the Z9 committee since 2010.


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Geoff Raifsnider, a senior mechanical engineer at Global Finishing Solutions (GFS), was appointed chair of the American Society of Safety Professionals’ Z9 Health and Safety Standards for Ventilation Systems committee.

Raifsnider previously served as vice chairperson and has been a member of the Z9 committee since 2010. He is also the chair of two Z9 subcommittees that cover safety codes for finishing operations and safe practices for enclosures in which abrasive blasting is performed. Outside of Z9, Raifsnider is a member of several NFPA technical committees and is active in the International Code Council code development process.

The Z9 standards are intended to help employers protect their employees from exposure to harmful substances defining the minimum requirements for safety and health for ventilation systems. Z9 standards are referenced by NFPA, OSHA and the U.S. Department of Defense, and are used by employee health and safety professionals when reviewing and auditing equipment performance.













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