Reliable Plating Works Launches Custom Chrome Division

Appears in Print as: 'RPW's Custom Chrome Takes on Unique Applications'

Reliable Plating Works is opening Custom Chrome, a new department that will serve the chromium needs of independent creators and small businesses.


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A photo of a motorcycle, its chrome parts shining in the sun
Photo Credit: Reliable Plating Works

Reliable Plating Works (Milwaukee, Wis.) created Custom Chrome to supply the ever-growing need for unique chrome jobs. While building his own Resto Mod, RPW president and CEO Jaime Maliszewski noticed how many hot rods, custom cars, race cars, car clubs, motorcycles, home garage mechanics, small builder service garages and restoration shops there were in Wisconsin.

The collector car hobby is big and so is the need for quality, original replacement and refurbished parts — including lots of chrome. Most of that chrome needs some kind of work, from simple polishing to reshaping to total repair. To assure the highest quality, Custom Chrome work will utilize the support, expertise and advanced technology of RPW’s Milwaukee facilities.

Custom Chrome will work with a wide variety of jobs from door hinges to semi-truck bumpers, rusted and tarnished pieces to cracked and blistered parts. The company says it will make these parts look fresh from the OEM with the longevity and durable appearance of today’s chrome technology.

Even beyond cars, Custom Chrome plans to take on everyday chrome needs. With chrome parts in everything from appliances to plumbing fixtures, gun parts and even patio furniture, Custom Chrome expects much business from small businesses, hobbyists and creative decorators. 

Custom Chrome is open to both small shops working with unique and unusual shapes and backyard mechanics and artists working on one project at a time. The company promises to deliver work with the same precision, process, professionalism and the talent of its parent company Reliable Plating Works.