Scientific Control Laboratories Implements New Information Managment Software

The Chicago company says Sample Master software allows it to accelerate accurate reporting, multiply productivity, increase operational efficiency and provide unparalleled data security.


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Scientific Control Laboratories (SCL) has implemented a new laboratory information management system (LIMS) software designed to optimize lab instrument resources and enhance its Nadcap, American Association for Laboratory Accreditation and National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program accredited testing programs.

The software is called Sample Master, and it allows the Chicago company to accelerate accurate reporting, multiply productivity, increase operational efficiency and provide unparalleled data security, says Joelie Zak, SCL co-owner. Her firm is celebrating its 80th year in business and serves customers in the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

“The new LIMS system increases our extensive testing and technical capabilities even further, and enables us to better serve our customers,” Zak says. She adds that the new LIMS capability also provides improved sample tracking and shorter turnaround time, as well as tighter quality management of certification records.

Reports that have been modified to upload data more easily are also formatted to facilitate easier understanding of data, says Brittany Maki, SCL’s LIMS coordinator. Lab reports have a slightly different format, but are still clear and easy to understand, particularly for compliance and quality testing reports for their clients, she says.

“Most of our clients rely heavily on us for a multitude of compliance testing,” Maki says. “Compliance testing has grown from independent chemical analysis to Nadcap and A2LA accreditation for materials testing for REACH/RoHS/PPAPs. For EPA and OSHA compliance, SCL clients depend on them for compliance assurance and expect a focus on accurate and easy-to-understand results for wastewater compliance assurance.

“We have reviewed the notes that we have collected over the years on every one of our clients’ effluent wastewater limits and product testing details,” she says. “We can provide a solid history of data and reports for each client.”

Soft launch of the LIMS system took place March 1, and Zak says SCL customers have already begun to benefit from it. One client that uses the company’s testing services on a weekly basis now receives same-day results emailed directly to its office, she says. For critical quality data needs, the level of prompt results provided by the new system is invaluable, she adds.

“SCL continues to grow in their technical capabilities and addressing the connectivity among the environment, quality data, compliance and the various supply chains,” says Pete Demakos, materials engineer for Northstar Aerospace. “The new LIMS system is a major technology step forward in accomplishing this.”

For information about SCL, visit sclweb.com or call 773-254-2406.


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