Short Course Focuses on Essentials of Surface Texture, Tribology

Michigan Metrology hosts two-day course on surface roughness, wear, finish and friction April 1-2 in Livonia, Michigan.


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Michigan Metrology will host a two-day short course on “Essentials of Surface Texture and Tribology” April 1-2 in Livonia, Michigan. The workshop focuses on surface texture, wear, finish and friction.

Don Cohen, Ph.D.

Don Cohen, Ph.D.

The workshop is led by Don Cohen, Ph.D., and is designed for scientists, engineers and technicians working in medical devices, automotive, aerospace, materials, polymers, and other fields.

“In recent years we have seen a great deal of interest in surface metrology and tribology education,” Cohen says. “This class offers material that will benefit both relative novices and advanced metrology users who want to further their understanding of these essential topics.”

The course covers:
• Measuring roughness, waviness and form
• Introduction to surface measurement instruments
• How to correctly set filters for texture measurements
• An overview of data analysis techniques and tools
• Definitions and applications of surface texture parameters
• Techniques for specifying surface texture
• Relating surface texture to wear, sealing, leaks and other functionality
• Surface energy, adhesion and texture, paint appearance
• The mechanics of dry sliding
• Characterizing rolling friction
• The fundamentals of lubrication.

In addition to classroom sessions, the course will include hands-on demonstrations with surface measurement and tribology instruments from Bruker Corporation. Attendees are encouraged to bring one or two samples to measure, in order to address their specific metrology and tribology requirements and challenges.

Visit michmet.com/classes, call 1-866-953-5030 or email info@michmet.com.