SRG Global Opens Innovation Center in Michigan

SRG Global, a Guardian company, has completed its Innovation Center located in Taylor, Michigan.

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SRG Global, a Guardian company, has completed its Innovation Center located in Taylor, Michigan. The new center opened on March 20 and features areas for prototyping, testing and scale-up experimentation. The 6,460-square-foot Innovation Center is strategically located across the street from the company’s 63,000-square-foot Advanced Development Center.

“This investment further reinforces our commitment to customers and society by expanding our research and development footprint,” says David Dunford, vice president of Global Engineering and Innovation. “The Innovation Center enables us to focus on creating value through innovative products and processes by allowing us to experiment, disrupt the status quo and discover the unmet needs of our customers.”

According to Dunford, the Innovation Center complements the Advanced Development Center by fusing the ideation, concept development and product validation processes seamlessly.

“This new facility will help us expand our global R & D capabilities from a strong base of chemical, mechanical and industrial engineers to material scientists, physicists and electrical and lighting engineers,” says James DeLaHoussaye, global director of Innovation. “This will support our vision of providing innovative engineering solutions and our goal of value added functional integration.”

SRG Global manufacturers coatings on plastic for the automotive and commercial truck industries.Through its Innovation Center in Taylor, Michigan, and its Advanced Development Centers in Taylor, Michiga, Liria, Spain and Suzhou, China, SRG Global works to develop and deliver coating technologies and sub-systems. 

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