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Technic Enters Mexico Distribution Agreement with Galber S.A. de C.V.

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Mexico’s leading surface finishing distributor to offer Technic products.


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Mexico’s leading surface finishing distributor to offer Technic products


Technic Inc. has announced an agreement with Galber S.A. de C.V., for distribution of products to the Mexican Surface Finishing Industry. The agreement will facilitate distribution of select Technic products throughout Mexico.


Galber is the leading supplier to Mexico’s rapidly expanding surface finishing industry. The company has seven strategically located distribution facilities, fully equipped laboratories, and a 25+ person strong technical sales staff. Galber will stock a select number of Technic processes for industrial, decorative and electronic finishing applications and will support regional customers with ongoing technical service and analytical resources.  


“Galber is uniquely positioned to bring Technic’s world-class proprietary plating processes to the Mexican finishing industry," said George Federman, Technic vice president. "We are excited about this opportunity to advance the distribution of our products with such a well-respected partner.”


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