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Spooner launches new Website for 2011

Spooner Industries has launched a new fully interactive website available in over 50 languages to ensure customers all over the world can access the detailed product and service information available for the metals industry. The new site,, has been completely re-designed to provide a user friendly layout with clear navigation to allow customers to immediately find what they’re looking for. The website provides users with information on custom built air flotation, impingement and infra-red ovens, coolers, stabilizers and oxidizers for coil coating, galvanizing and lithographic processes.  This information will be updated on a regular basis with product news, case studies and company events.

Marketing manager Kate Baker says, “Following our move to the £4m purpose built manufacturing facilities, the website has needed updating to reflect the state of the art premises.  The old site lacked information, imagination and was only available in English.  With 80% of Spooner processing equipment exported around the world the website has to be accessible in every language.”
Spooner’s new website has been broken down by products and industries as Spooner also apply their innovative forced convection technology for the paper, converting, food and environmental industries as well as metals sector. 
Based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK, Spooner Industries has almost 80 years’ experience in forced convection drying, curing, converting, cooling and non-contact handling of coated and impregnated web materials, whether the substrate be paper, film, foil or heavy metal strips.  Spooner is continuously developing new and innovative technologies and solutions in their in-house testing and R&D facilities to remain at the forefront of the food industry. For more information please contact Kate Baker, Marketing Manager for Spooner Industries via email,
New brochure helps plants comply with EPA MFHAP requirement
Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control (APC) (Jonesboro, AR), a leading producer of industrial dust and fume collectors, has published a new brochure to help companies engaged in metalworking operations to understand and comply with the new EPA regulation for Metal Fabrication Hazardous Air Pollutants (MFHAP). Under the sweeping new requirement, which covers nine metal fabricating and finishing source categories, companies that used to exhaust welding fumes and other process contaminants outside the plant will no longer be permitted to do so, and will now be required to prove “zero opacity.”
The informational brochure from Camfil Farr APC pinpoints the most important aspects of the MFHAP regulation, including upcoming deadlines, the processes impacted by the regulation, and monitoring and test methods required for compliance. It also discusses the role of high efficiency dust and fume collectors in maintaining compliance while also reducing energy costs. 
To view a new company webpage on this topic and the downloadable brochure, go to  For general information: Phone, (800) 479-6801; Fax, (800) 222-6891; E-mail,; Web,
Specialty abrasives catalogue introduces new blending and polishing wheels
A new 2011-2012 catalog of specialty abrasive products for grinding, deburring, blending and finishing stainless steel, aluminum, exotic metals and mild steel is being offered by Rex-Cut Products, Inc. (Fall River, MA).
The Rex-Cut® 2011-2012 Specialty Abrasive Products Catalog features a wide range of products including cotton fiber mounted points and wheels, Type 1 cotton fiber deburring and bench wheels, Type 1 unitized-, convolute- and fiberglass backed unitized wheels, interleaf flap discs, T27 cotton fiber grinding wheels, grinding wheels for stainless steel and aluminum, carbide burs, quick change discs, cut off wheels, finishing sticks and the new Smooth Touch™ blending/polishing wheels for stainless, aluminum and exotics. Providing complete specifications and recommended uses for each product, the catalog includes a guide for when to use specific types of products for heavy stock removal, light grinding, blending, finishing and polishing. For easy product evaluations and small users, an expanded list of specialty kits is included. For more information, visit
Metallurgical High Vacuum announces High Vacuum Newsletter
New issue delivers helpful tips and news to heat treaters and coaters.
Metallurgical High Vacuum (Fennville, MI) has created a new High Vacuum News to provide heat treat and vacuum coating industry professionals with tips and hints to keep their vacuum pumps running strong. As Geoff Humberstone, MHV President, comments: "This year marks 30 years for us as Metallurgical High Vacuum. Back in 1981, I saw the need for vacuum design and consulting and started the company. Within four years we added pump remanufacturing because we understood the demands of heat treating and vacuum coating 24/7 operations. They needed higher quality with good local support to meet their customer's demands and we provided just that.
“The Newsletter addresses typical problems like vacuum leak troubleshooting and oil contamination that can drive heat treaters up the wall at times. We explain how the use of 'gas ballast' can help clean out moisture from pump oil. This is an important capability because when water (moisture) or process vapors are present in a vacuum system, they end up in the pump that is evacuating the system. Keeping complex systems running well takes time and know-how, and we want to help out.
"We also want to enable two-way communication with customers and other busy professionals in the industry to share information, so we are asking readers to send in questions and ideas, as well as tips from their own experience."
You can request a copy at: E-mail:; Website:
Metallurgical High Vacuum repairs and remanufactures most types and models of pumps, including diffusion and piston types, regardless of the original manufacturer - Stokes, Kinney, Tuthill, MD, Leybold, Dresser Roots, Aerzen, Varian or Edwards. Metallurgical High Vacuum Corporation is a vital supplier in the vacuum technology industry. With over a quarter-century in the business, they have earned a reputation for responsiveness with high-quality engineering and manufacturing. Customers depend on MHV for keeping their operations running and costs under control. MHV products and services include new pumps and systems, vacuum piping and manifolds, flexible connectors, vacuum valves, custom oil filtration systems, helium leak testing, and field repair. 

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Faraday's Children (and Nickel) - The 40th William Blum Lecture

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