Valence Surface Technologies Gets Safran Landing Systems Approvals

The approvals cover a range of aerospace finishing processes that Valence Wichita, formerly Chrome Plus International, will now complete. 


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airliner landing gear

Valence Surface Technologies, an independent provider of aerospace product finishing services, has received Safran Landing Systems approval at its Valence Wichita facility (formerly known as Chrome Plus International LLC) for a range of finishing processes. The processes include:

  • Degreasing: PCS2621
  • Dry grit blasting with aluminum oxide: PCS2610
  • Etch inspection of high-strength steel parts: PCS3600, MIL-STD-867, AMS2649
  • Passivation of corrosion-resistant steels: AMS2700, PS 13001
  • Magnetic particle inspection: PCS3100, ASTME1444M-16
  • FPI sensitivity level 3 per AMS2644: PCS3200, ASTME1417M-16, FPI sensitivity level 4 per AMS2644: PCS3200 ASTME1417M-16
  • Chromium hexavalent plating: PCS2110, AMS-QQ-P-320, AMSD2640 Class 2, AMS2406 MIL-1501
  • Cadmium plating with CrVI: AMS-QQ-P-416
  • Low embrittlement, electrodeposition: DCMP 173, MIL-STD-1500
  • Inorganic coating stripping with CrVI: MIL-STD871

Safran is a manufacturer of nacelle assemblies for commercial and business aircraft, providing engine components to aerospace manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing. With the new approvals, Valence continues to expand offerings so that customers have a single-source finishing solution in all regions of the United States, the company says.