Volkswagen Approves MacDermid's Trivalent Chromium Process

Volkswagen approves Trilyte Flash SF to meet its global requirements for decorative exterior and interior trim.


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Trilyte Flash SF sample

Trilyte Flash SF sample

MacDermid Enthone’s Trilyte Flash SF is a trivalent chromium process that has been approved to meet Volkswagen’s global requirements for decorative exterior and interior trim. Volkswagen said it will only source hexavalent chromium-free coatings for decorative trim for new applications. According to the company, Trilyte Flash SF offers a white-bright decorative chromium-plated layer with exceptional corrosion resistance and it exhibits excellent color matching capabilities with an almost identical appearance to deposits hexavalent chromium. When used in combination with MacDermid Enthone’s multilayer nickel processes and hexavalent chromium-free passivation Trilyte CP 3000, it is said to exceed 96 hours of CASS and has shown exceptionally good resistance to exposure from calcium chloride (‘Russian mud’).