Process Technology Expands XC Heat Exchanger Capability

Process Technology’s new XC High-Flow Inline Heat Exchanger designed for precise and stable heat transfer while reducing fluid pressure drop.


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heat exchange

XC High-Flow by Process Technology

The new XC High-Flow Inline Heat Exchanger from Process Technology delivers an ultra-high-purity (UHP), compact, high-flow heat exchanger with precise and stable heat transfer, while reducing fluid pressure drop. High-flow capacity is achieved with a larger 13 mm (0.5 inch) diameter tubing to improve circulation, reduce pressure drop and enable a faster temperature response. The low-mass unit is internally baffled for additional heat performance. Recirculating and single-pass flow applications provide safe heating for water, acids, bases and solvents. Clean-room assembled, no wetted o-ring, PFA tube-side chemistry paths allow the XC High-Flow to meet the most stringent cleanliness requirements to support next-generation ultra-high-purity semiconductor node technologies. 

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