Abtex System Deburrs High-Volume, Fineblanked Parts

Originally titled 'System Deburrs High-Volume, Fineblanked Parts'

Abtex Corp.’s newest Tri-Ten system is designed for deburring high-volume, fineblanked parts.

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Abtex Corp.’s newest Tri-Ten system is designed for deburring high-volume, fineblanked parts. According to the company, the large system can operate for three shifts per day, seven days a week, resulting in an annual throughput of more than 15 million parts.

The machine can be either bulk-fed by operator or robot, or fed directly by the upstream press. Before parts enter the deburring stations, an in-feed conveyor passes them under a vision system that is programmed to stop the machine if the parts are overlapped, stacked or otherwise improperly loaded.  The system also communicates with the upstream press, centralized coolant system and downstream conveyors to ensure safe, efficient and effective part processing.

Fineblanking produces a burr on only one side of the part. The Tri-Ten’s three planetary heads remove the burrs on parts ranging from 3-mm thick to 0.40 mm.  Three custom-designed 254-mm flap discs on the first head remove the primary stamping burr, while six 254-mm, application-specific abrasive filament brushes on the second and third heads eliminate secondary burrs and provide the specified edge radius.

Coolant is liberally applied during deburring to ensure part cleanliness and extend media life. To protect the inside of the machine, the enclosure is stainless steel with a continuously welded frame to ensure a watertight system.  All subassemblies in the work area are either stainless steel or electroless-nickel-plated. After deburring, a gap conveyor smoothly transfers parts to a heavy-rinse station and demagnetization and blow-off bays that efficiently remove any residual debris or particulate. Drive motors are mounted outside the machine to isolate them from the coolant mist. A rooftop mist collector and frame-mounted electrical cabinet reduce the system’s footprint.