Asterion's Technibrite SN 200 Enables Tin Plating with Only Two Chemical Processes

The system is suited to both barrel and rack applications to impart lustrous, bright tin deposits.


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Asterion Technibrite SN 200

The Technibrite SN 200 tin plating system has been introduced by Asterion LLC, delivering exceptional solderability. As such, the system is ideally suited to both barrel and rack applications to impart lustrous, bright tin deposits. Unlike conventional acid tin processes, Technibrite SN 200 requires only two proprietary chemical processes. Easy to use and analyze, the system includes the following components:

  • Technibrite SN 200 Make Up provides the proper concentration of wetter, coupler, ductilizers and low-current density brightener. 
  • Stannous Tin (used in make-up) provides the desired metal concentration.
  • Technibrite SN 200 Maintenance is the brightener component that can be added on an ampere-hour basis.
  • High-purity tin anodes maintain the concentration of tin in the plating bath.
  • Sulfuric acid provides conductivity and allows the tin anodes to dissolve.


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