ATI Orbital Sander Designed for Robotic Surface Prep

The compliance force is adjustable to accommodate a variety of applications. 


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ATI AOV-10 axially compliant orbital sander

ATI AOV-10 axially compliant orbital sander

ATI Industrial Automation’s AOV-10 axially compliant orbital sander is designed for robotic surface preparation and finishing. According to the company, the unit has built-in compliance, which makes it suited for a variety of robotic applications, including those that require a light touch. It is said the double-acting motion offsets the weight of the tool to produce the desired finish no matter how it is oriented. Users can mount the AOV-10 directly to a robot or fixture, in any orientation, including upside down. The design is said to be compact and lightweight which suits a range of robot sizes and types, from cobots to industrial models. Visit ati-ia.com.