Atotech Offers Pretreatment, Paint Removal for Ecoat

Chemistries are designed for a variety of applications.


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Atotech’s pretreatment and paint removal chemistries include UniPrep cleaners, which are said to offer sustainable, low-temperature degreasing for improved part quality for multimetal materials. UniPrep AC is used for laser and weld scale removal solutions which operate at a mild/near neutral pH. It is said this chemistry eliminates exposure to hazardous mechanical and  harsh chemical scale removal methods, improving coverage and paint performance for ecoat. Interlox is said to be a multimetal pretreatment alternative that offers ambient temperature operation, produces minimal sludge and provides stable performance across variable operating conditions, producing a corrosion-resistant finish. Master Remover is a line of paint stripping products that is said to efficiently remove a variety of paint types, including ecoat, wet  and powder paint. These processes are said to be suitable for inline and offline applications with 100% first pass paint removal off multiple substrates.