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Axalta Takes a Quantum Leap with New Acquire Quantum EFX Spectrophotometer

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Updated tool integrates seamlessly into Acquire color system designed to boost body shop productivity.


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Axalta Coating Systems a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, introduces its fifth-generation spectrophotometer, the AcquireTM Quantum EFX, which packs innovative technology into a lighter, faster, and highly accurate unit capable of reading metallic, pearl and effect colors. Combined with Axalta’s ColorNet color formula retrieval software, the Acquire Quantum EFX seamlessly integrates into the Acquire Color System, a color retrieval system for automotive repair.

The reengineered Acquire Quantum EFX is almost half the size of its predecessor to enable comfortable, one-handed operation and access to hard-to-reach places. The product features 20-percent smaller aperture for improved accuracy on curved surfaces. The unit comes with a “smart cradle” for convenient charging and direct connection to a PC, without the need to plug in or remove cables. The Acquire Quantum EFX is also WiFi enabled, allowing users to transfer data directly to ColorNet.

Axalta’s Acquire Color System also includes its online ColorProof application that renders spectrophotometer readings on a user’s computer screen for a full visual comparison of the vehicle and its closest available paint formula.

Acquire Quantum EFX is now available through Axalta’s distribution partners.

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