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10/1/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Axalta’s Champagne Metallic New in Alesta AR Line

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Bonded metallic color in architectural pallet features durable TGIC-free polyester pigments.


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Axalta's Champagne Metallic powder coating gets a creative interpretation in the company's new promotions (so don't really apply it to any body parts!).


Axalta Coating Systems has introduced a new color, Champagne Metallic, to its Alesta AR400 line of powder coatings.

The company says Alesta AR Champagne Metallic is a bonded metallic color in the architectural color pallet that features durable TGIC-free polyester pigments that meet or exceed AAMA 2604 requirements.

 “The weatherability, flexibility and UV resistance makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use,” says Chris Lopez, Axalta’s architectural product manager. “It is a premium weathering TGIC-free polyester that is designed to provide the versatility of a low gloss, bonded metallic to an array of surfaces.”

Champagne Metallic does not require a clear coat, and is being targeted to finishers who coat wheels and motorcycle parts, metal furniture and garden furniture, as well as architectural door and window frames, cladding, railing and other applications in construction.

The Alesta AR powder coatings were originally designed for architectural color trends by easily matching glass, plastic, wood or most any building material.

“The colors and textures are easily adjusted to suit individual aesthetic preferences without compromising essential functional properties, such as weatherability or impact and abrasion resistance,” Lopez says.

Axalta has introduced the AR300 powder coatings series of polyesters featuring high-quality exterior-grade pigments, the premium AR400 series, which has 5- and 10-year warranties on color and gloss retention, and the AR500 series of thermosetting fluoropolymer technology that provides its highest level of color and gloss retention available.

In addition to the architectural colors, the company has also made the AR300, AR400 and AR500 in an anodic collection that offers the effect of standard anodized finishes in a range of colors closely simulating the more popular anodic shades.

Lopez says the single-coat, no-primer system delivers a cost advantage over two- and three-coat AAMA liquid systems.

“Plus it is an environmentally friendly alternative to liquid coatings because of virtually no VOC emissions,” he says, adding that ideal applications include extrusions, exterior lighting equipment, fencing, HVAC systems, marine hardware, metal building panels, signage, solariums, skylights, solar panels, store front curtain walls, windows, railings and trim.

The Alestra AR Champagne Metallic is available in increments of 55 pounds.



Originally published in the October 2016 issue. 



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