Birchwood Technologies Clearlok Sealant Provides Protective Topcoat

Birchwood’s new water-based sealants are nontoxic and fume-free.

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Birchwood Technologies’  two “all purpose” Clearlok water-based sealants—Clear Urethane Sealant and Clearlok Max—are formulated to provide a protective topcoat on most metal surfaces.  

Clearlok Clear Urethane Sealant, for super hard finishes, is a heavy-duty, urethane polymer sealant that forms a hard, glossy protective coating said to work well on black oxide finishes on iron and steel, black finishes on aluminum and on non-finished iron, steel and aluminum surfaces. Clearlok Max is a water emulsion blend of acrylic polymers and rust inhibitors that forms a clear protective coating for use on hand tools, machine components, power transmission components, pumps, valves and oilfield equipment. This sealant can be applied directly to clean or shot-blasted metal surfaces such as bare steel, aluminum, nickel and zinc plating.

Both Clearlok water-based sealants are supplied as liquid concentrates that can be diluted with water for application using immersion tank processes, spray application or easy brush-on application. Both products are nontoxic, fume-free and designed to be safe to use in any process line without ventilation.