Blow-Off Gun with Improved Safety

The re-engineered Jet-Kleen Personnel Blow-Off Gun is has improved airflow and more standard safety features.

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The re-engineered Jet-Kleen Personnel Blow-Off Gun has improved airflow and more standard safety features. Its manufacturer presents it as a safe and effective alternative to compressed air for dust, debris and moisture removal.

In addition to being light weight, portable and quieter than compressed air, the system’s new standard safety features include an automatic shut-off timer, easy-access filter, and chip guard.

The automatic timer lets the user set the proper interval for the job, ensuring automatic shut down on its own if left unattended by the user. In addition to increasing the unit’s longevity, it helps keep electrical costs to a minimum and requires less operator effort. The filter helps keep the internal parts of the unit clean and running at peak performance.

Now also standard on all Jet-Kleens is a protective chip guard that shields the user from any dangerous blowback particles that may be dislodged during cleaning. The blower-driven system also avoids the risk of introducing oil, moisture or other contaminants and eliminates the potential for serious injury resulting from the use of compressed air. With air pressure of less than 3 psi, it can be aimed directly at the skin without risking injury to the individual.

The wall-mounted unit comes standard with a flexible 56-inch hose and can be placed at dust-off stations, outside clean rooms, or wherever workers need to clean up before moving into other workspaces. 

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