Bowman's G Series XRF Designed for Electronics, Semiconductors, Connectors

Coating thickness measurement system offers flexibility for measuring wide variety of sample sizes, shapes and quantities.


Bowman exhibits G Series XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) coating thickness measurement systems. G Series measures the widest range of sample sizes, shapes – and up to five layers simultaneously, all of which can be alloys. Applications include ZnFe/Fe and ZnNi/Fe for automotive; Cr/Ni/Cu/ABS for plumbing; TiCN/WCo, TiAlN/WC for tooling. The proximity of the X-ray tube to the detector produces more than 3 times the photon counts of conventional XRFs, in a shorter time. There are seven Bowman XRF units, each tailored to specific part sizes, all made in the U.S. Bowman provides expert local XRF service, support and calibration for all XRF brands, also Standards and Standards recertification., 847-781-3523