Bright Dyes Creates Dyes for Anodizing, Metal Finishing

Company creates and manufactures dyes, sealants and additives for the anodizing and metal finishing industries.


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Bright Dyes manufactures aluminum dyes as well as finishing sealants and additives for the anodizing and metal finishing industries. Products include 6000 liquid buffer which is a dye bath pH adjuster and buffer; HT-70 which is a high-temperature, fully blended nickel acetate powder sealer; HT-70D which is a smut preventative for high-temperature sealing; MT-90 which is a mid-temperature, low-foaming nickel acetate liquid sealer; MT-90A which is a surfactant package for mid-temperature sealing; and TF-60 PTFE which forms a unique, long-lasting PTFE coating on metal surfaces where high lubricity is required.

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