CBN is Low-Pressure, Low-Temperature Abrasive

Brush Rsearch’s Cubic Boron Nitride abrasive is designed for difficult-to-finish materials such as high nickel alloy steels.


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Brush Research’s Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) abrasive is part of its Flex-Hone line, which is suited for difficult-to-finish materials such as high nickel alloy steels. The company says that CBN combines hardness and toughness to provide optimum surface finish in materials such as monel, inconel, incoloy, hasteloy, invar and rene. According to the company, flex-honing is a low-pressure, low-temperature abrasive finishing process that reduces a work-hardened layer (produced by machining operations) without imparting thermally induced distortion, while the resulting surface is less prone to oxidation and stress-induced cracking. Other specialty abrasives include Diamond and Ceramic. 

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