Citric and Nitric Passivation Lines


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Miraclean Ultrasonics designs and builds citric and nitric acid passivation lines to meet industry specifications, such as ASTM A967. Systems can be manual or automated and are available with automatic chemistry control and automatic make up.
Systems are sized and designed to meet users’ throughput goals and may include powered load and unload conveyors as well as automated hoists with a 350-lb load capacity. Automation is touchscreen controlled.
Cleaning and passivation tanks feature ultrasonics with dedicated solid-state generators, when appropriate. Rinses are counter-flow to conserve water, and they feature optional ultrasonics.
Additional mechanical actions, such as spray-off, indexed rotation and custom racking and fixturing are offered to address complex part geometries. System components are chemistry compatible. Sanitary plumbing and data logging are also available, and full acid testing is provided prior to shipment.