Clean-Gard 83 Detergent Protects Against Rust While Removing Grease and Oil

Appears in Print as: 'Alkaline Detergent Protects Against Rust While Removing Grease and Oil'

Last updated on 1/30/2020

This alkaline detergent is well-suited for ultrasonic cleaning and other applications. 


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Madison Chemical’s Clean-Gard 83 is an alkaline detergent designed for removing aged, oxidized, burned-on oil, removing grease and other difficult cleaning operations. It is intended for immersion application, including ultrasonic and AGI-lift, as well as recirculation spray washers up to 25 psi. Its unique formulation is said to produce low-to-moderate foam, enhancing ultrasonic cavitation. When the cleaning solution is not rinsed, it provides rust protection. Clean-Gard 83 is designed to use with ferrous, aluminum and zinc alloys, making it applicable for a variety of manufacturing environments.

For immersion applications, Clean-Gard 83 is typically diluted to 3% to 10% by volume in water and used at 120°F to 160°F. Heavier soils and ultrasonic applications may benefit from use at higher temperatures up to 190°F.  Depending upon production needs, the cleaning step may be followed with an ambient-to-warm water rinse. Do not rinse if rust protection is desired. 

For recirculated spray washers, use at 2% to 10% by volume in water from 130°F to 160°F up to 25 psi maximum. 

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