Coating Data Management Software

Performing a thorough coating inspection can be daunting.

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Performing a thorough coating inspection can be daunting. Traditionally, such a process involves jotting the readings down on paper and typing it into an Excel spreadsheet, leaving a large margin for error. Elcomaster data management software was created by Elcometer to help industrial finishers manage and organize data more efficiently, more effectively and with less human error using the company’s gauges. Readings can be downloaded onto the computer, either through a USB cord, or wirelessly through Bluetooth. Once the readings are downloaded into Elcomaster, the software can easily produce statistical information. Elcomaster can also provide the tools to design analytical reports containing graphs and charts derived from the data. Product photographs can be inserted and data points can be overlaid to illustrate the information visually and to enhance the reports. The company believes that industrial finishers can benefit tremendously from this software and sharing it with the finishing community makes sense for all involved. To download the Elcomaster Data Management program free, visit, click on 'coatings inspection equipment', then navigate to 'downloads' on the left navigation panel, and go to 'software downloads' for the current release version of Elcomaster.