Col-Met's SmartBatch Optimizes Cure Process

Integrated probes are designed into the batch oven and control panel for monitoring part temperature during the cure process.


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Col-Met Engineered Finishing Solutions’ SmartBatch oven temperature monitoring solution is designed to provide real-time monitoring of part temperature. Integrated probes in the batch oven and control panel monitor part temperature during the cure process. According to the company, the information can then be used to control cure time cycle as well as document the part curing process to provide better control of the cure process, cure temperature and energy consumption, thereby providing energy savings.

The company says that other benefits include reduced energy consumption by starting batch timer after part reaches desired temperature set point and reduced rework from uncured parts by monitoring part temperature. It is said the temperature recordings can be exported from touchscreen and the system can monitor and record up to four part temperature sensors and air temperature in the oven. Air and part temperature data can be stored for future reference allowing accurate record keeping of individual batches.