ColWear Wear Plates Offer Exceptional Abrasion Resistance

Wall Colmonoy’s ColWear wear plates offer exceptional abrasion, heat and corrosion resistance while maintaining a light weight.


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A photo of Wall Colmonoy's ColWear wear plate coating
Photo Credit: Wall Colmonoy

Wall Colmonoy’s (Madison Heights, Mich.) new range of ColWear wear plates leverages the company’s history of metallurgical expertise to provide a longer lifetime than traditional competitors. Vacuum-furnace production techniques improve the metallurgical properties of the alloy matrix, which consists of proprietary Colmonoy nickel and Wallex cobalt alloys with optional tungsten carbide.

Wall Colmonoy recommends using ColWear plates in industries where wear resistance is key, such as the chemical processing, power (waste to energy, biomass), steel, cement, mining and petrochemical industries. The company promises extended service life, with the reduced costs, maintenance and downtime that entails.

The company is proudest of the ColWear plates’ abrasion resistance, but also points out the plates’ heat and corrosion resistance as key selling points. Beyond simple industry recommendations, Wall Colmonoy recommends ColWear plates for abrasive processes such as separation, grinding and conveying.

Customers interested in lighter materials than traditional chromium carbide or tungsten carbide plate may also find benefits from ColWear plates, as the company says its plates are lighter and more uniform than alternatives.

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