Cortec Cor-Pak 8-MUL Increases Packaging Corrosion Protection

Product offers corrosion protection for ferrous or nonferrous metals packaged or stored in up to 8 ft3 (0.23 m³) of enclosed space. 


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Cortec Cor-Pak 8-MUL pouche

Cortec Cor-Pak 8-MUL pouche

Cortec’s Cor-Pak 1-MUL pouches are available in an 8-MUL format to provide corrosion protection for ferrous or nonferrous metals that are packaged or stored in up to 8 ft3 (0.23 m³) of enclosed space. According to the company, the 8-MUL is easy to insert manually or automatically into cardboard, plastic, metal or wood containers where efficient corrosion protection is needed. It is said the pouches work by emitting vapor phase corrosion inhibitors that condense on all metal surfaces within the package, even in recessed or difficult-to-reach spaces. The company says the VpCI molecular layer is self-replenishing, providing ongoing corrosion protection even after the package is temporarily opened and resealed. It is said protected parts, components and assemblies can be used immediately upon removal from the package protected by the 8-MUL pouch, with no degreasing or cleaning of the VpCI molecular layer required. Visit cortecvci.com.