Cortec's Ecoline 3690 Part of USDA Biopreferred Program

Ecoline 3690 is USDA approved for biobased, biodegradable temporary rust prevention for outdoor protection.


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Products treated with ecoline 3690.

Products treated with ecoline 3690.


Cortec’s EcoLine 3690 is a USDA-certified biobased product that can be used to replace solvent- and mineral-oil based (RPs). According to the company, the product is a ready-to-use, canola-oil-based temporary coating designed for corrosion protection in severe marine and high humidity conditions. It contains 72% USDA-certified, biobased content and leaves behind an oily protective film that does not dry, making it an option for contractors that manufacture parts or equipment for the federal government and need to prevent rust in interim periods of storage or shipment. It is also said to reduce VOCs and minimize worker exposure to mineral-oil or solvent-based RPs. The company says that EcoLine 3690 can be easily removed with an alkaline cleaner and can help users avoid hazardous waste disposal costs associated with traditional rust preventatives.

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