Coventya's Molclear Lacquers Maintain Wet Film Strength

Coventya says its Molclear cataphoretic lacquers allow it to cure at low temperatures and have high enough wet-film strength for safe handling while wet.


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A stock image of painted metal parts

Coventya (Brooklyn Heights, Ohio) is celebrating its Molclear line of cataphoretic lacquers. These cathodic electrocoat products protect metal color on a wide variety of metals and metallic substrates.

The company says its specialized polymers allow these Molclear lacquers to achieve high performance, as embodied in their ability to cure at low temperatures and in their high wet film strength. The former feature eliminates pre-drying, while the latter allows finishers to handle wet parts with little risk of damage or roughness.

Coventya | 216-351-1500 | coventya.com


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