Coventya's Plating Process Alternatives are PFAS-Free

PFAS-free technologies, such as Tristar trivalent decorative sulfate and chloride-based chrome processes, meet OEM automotive trim requirements.
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Coventya is developing PFAS-free alternative technologies for decorative chromium plating, including Cr(VI), hard chromium from Cr(VI) and plating on plastics), and both chromic acid etching and decorative Cr(VI).

PFAS-free technologies, such as Tristar trivalent decorative sulfate and chloride-based chrome processes, meet the requirements of OEM automotive interior and exterior trim as well as metal-based applications, while adhering to environmental regulations. Duratri 240, a trivalent hard chromium technology, is an alternative to Cr(VI) hard chromium, while Silken Bond etch technology is an alternative for plating-on-plastic applications.

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