Dürr Maintenance Monitoring System Can Help Increase Plant Uptime

The software uses a traffic-light-type system to show when maintenance work might be required on painting and sealing robots.


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Dürr’s EcoScreen Maintenance Assistant is designed to help customers maintain painting and sealing robots, using a traffic-light-type system to show when maintenance work might be required. When the wrench icon on the screen is illuminated green, everything is fine. If it turns yellow, preventive maintenance should be planned in the near future, and if it is red, maintenance work is required immediately.

“Maintenance is now oriented to the actual use of the individual plant components and is not performed according to purely time-based maintenance intervals,” says Dr. Hans Schumacher, CEO of the company’s Application Technology division. “The actual condition of a painting booth is determined using everything from component operating times, counters and test functions to intelligent wear models. This preventive maintenance planning is essential for further service measures, which in turn increase the plant uptime availability over the long term.”

The EcoScreen software determines the plant condition, such as the number of valve switching cycles or the servomotor load profiles. The due date for pending maintenance tasks is shown on the monitor by means of the traffic-light function. Further detailed information is stored for individual maintenance tasks. The system also can perform Independent data analysis using intelligent model calculations, making long-term observations and comparisons across robots and stations.

Operators can access the painting and sealing robots online at virtually any time using the EcoPad mobile tablet, and Dürr service personnel also can remotely access the system, if necessary.