DeVilbiss Spray Gun Optimized for Clearcoats

Spray gun designed for consistency and optimization in spraying the latest clearcoats.


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DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing, a Carlisle Fluid Technologies brand, designed its DV1 clearcoat spray gun to provide consistency and optimization in spraying clearcoats to give users more comfort and control, while delivering a glass-like, mirror finish.

The gun features the DV1-C Plus clearcoat air cap, which is said to deliver high-efficiency performance while spraying high-solid clears, low-to-medium-solid clears and low-VOC (solvent-exempt) clears. According to the company, the air cap provides a consistent, homogeneous spray pattern that lays the clearcoat flat and allows painters to easily wet up a surface, while minimizing runs and sags on vertical panels. By evenly distributing fine, uniformly sized paint particles, the air cap is said to provide a flawless finish.

The DV1 fluid tip is designed to increase fluid flow while stabilizing airflow, minimizing material usage and providing significant paint savings.
The company says the spray gun features a black matte finish that enables a better grip for easy handling and comfort on the job, while providing more power for higher productivity.

Visit devilbissdv1.com.