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Duraform Next-Generation Polyester Coatings Optimize Performance

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The product line features coatings engineered for industry-specific applications.


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PPG Industries’ (Pittsburgh) coil and building products group has introduced Duraform coatings, a line of next-generation polyester coil coatings engineered to optimize performance for specific market applications.

The Duraform line, which builds on and replaces the Truform family of polyester coatings, encompasses seven industry-specific formulations, including Duraform AP coatings for appliances; Duraform BP coatings for building products; Duraform CP coatings for consumer products; Duraform DR coatings for doors; Duraform HV coatings for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment components; Duraform LF coatings for lighting fixtures; and Duraform TR coatings for transportation equipment.

The Duraform polyester coatings are engineered with a proprietary star-shaped polymer that the company says provides 10 percent higher solids, better hardness, increased flexibility and other benefits.

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