Duralar CS-50 System Deposits Inside/Outside Ultra-Hard Coatings

Duralar's CS-50 deposition system can coat both the inside and outside surfaces of metal parts using its DualArmor process.

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Duralar Technologies, Tucson-area developer of advanced, ultra-hard metal coatings and coating machines, introduces the Duralar CS-50 deposition system. The CS-50 system can coat both the inside and outside surfaces of metal parts using its DualArmor process.

According to the company, the CS-50 system features a tubular processing chamber said to open like a clamshell, enabling metal parts to be placed inside for coating. “DualArmor coating employs a unique Hollow Cathode PECVD process to bathe the parts in an extremely intense plasma—roughly 1000 times greater than a standard CVD plasma—and this enables parts to be coated at an unprecedented high rate,” says Duralar CTO Tom Casserly, PhD.

The chamber is designed to eliminate the line-of-sight limitations associated with spray-type coatings, Casserly says. “Since all deposition occurs within the dense plasma, all part surfaces—interior, exterior and complex 3D shapes—are coated with high uniformity, eliminating the need for post-processing rework."

Casserly explains that Duralar's PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition) process creates a pendulum-like motion of high-energy electrons traveling back and forth between the sides of the chamber (the cathode), with the two ends of the chamber serving as the anodes. Inside the chamber, high-energy ionized gases are used to clean, create an adhesive bond and deposit ultra-hard coating on the parts.

The CS-50’s deposition speed enables the use of thicker hard coatings. Previously, the company says, conventional DLC (diamond-like carbon) coatings had a practical total thickness limit of around 5 µm; and Duralar DLC coatings can be 50 µm or more. In addition, conventional DLC coatings were deposited one or two atoms at a time, so it could take more than 8 hours to complete a process containing 1 µm of DLC. Duralar's DualArmor technology can deposit high-quality DLC typically 15-20 µm per hour, and is capable of considerably higher rates.

The coatings feature high levels of corrosion and erosion resistance, and are virtually frictionless, with a friction coefficient of less than 0.08.

The DualArmor process is a twin to Duralar’s patented InnerArmor process, which is designed to coat only the insides of parts, such as industrial pipes. InnerArmor is applied by the Duralar CS-10 system, which uses the tubular metal part itself as the deposition chamber. It can coat extremely high aspect ratios in pipes and tubulars of industrial lengths. 

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