Dürr's No-Overspray EcoPaintJet Expands Availability

Dürr is expanding the availability of its EcoPaintJet overspray-free applicator, which the company says will handle high edge definition while reducing paint use by up to 25 percent.


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A picture of the EcoPaintJet in action with its zero-overspray nozzles
Photo Credit: Dürr

Dürr’s (Southfield, Mich.) innovative EcoPaintJet applicator, which applies paints over large areas or in simple patterns with high edge definition and zero overspray, is now available in an easily integrated set for the general industry. The applicator has already seen successful use in the automotive production industry since 2019.

The most important component in the overspray-free application set is the paint supply, combined with the cleaning and pre-painting process. The EcoPaintJet controls this using three valves. The heart of the applicator itself is a nozzle plate that produces several dozen parallel paint jets. These can be activated or deactivated at any given moment to start or interrupt the coating process. The desired coating thickness is controllable via the applicator speed and solid content of the paint. Adjusting the angle of application or adapting the nozzle plate can change the width of the painting path, which is 50 mm at its widest.

As the EcoPaintJet does not require any atomizer air, it does not need to filter overspray. This overspray-free nozzle plate design saves up to 25 percent of paint compared to airless guns or high-speed rotary atomizers, while also eliminating waste from masking.

Eliminating coating waste from overspray offers companies more options for product design and transportation. Instead of adhesive film, companies can use a targeted spray film to protect decorative surfaces for transport, pulling the film off with ease at the destination. In terms of design, the precise coating method means that window frames can have a weatherproof coating applied to the outside and a decorative or differently colored application on the inside.

Dürr and Austrian paint manufacturer Adler (Schwaz, Austria) are promoting the new application technology with colorless and pigmented coating solutions that, in addition to the usual paint requirements, are precisely tailored to EcoPaintJet’s special features.

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