Dust Test Kit Measures Residue from Blast-Cleaned Surfaces

Paul N Gardner Co.

Paul N Gardner Co. Inc’s SP3200 dust test kit is designed to assess the quantity and size of particles on blast-cleaned surfaces prior to paint­ing. Loose particles can reduce subsequent coating adhesion, leading to premature coating failure. The kit contains all required tools to perform the test such as specified adhesive tape, a pictorial standard to define dust quantity and size, an illuminated magnifier, scissors, a tape-transfer sheet and a set of report forms for permanent record keeping of sample findings.


To accommodate the sometimes harsh on-site conditions, the kit has been designed so all sepa­rate items fit inside a special binder-case and are secured in place when not in use. The report forms offer facilities to note other relevant parameters during pre-treatment inspection such as condensation/dew point, roughness, salt contamination and visual cleanliness. An optional spring loaded roller is available to maintain reproducible force on the test tape.