Dynapower Products Help Power Surface Finishing Lines

Dynapower rectifiers, controllers and preventative maintenance programs keep processes running.


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Dynapower offers a variety of energy storage systems and rectifiers for the surface finishing industry.  The Rapid X SCR rectifier is said to have a flexible multicontrol platform that allows users to easily and inexpensively expand the unit’s control capabilities as needed. The company says its multiunit rectifier controller can control between one and 10 rectifiers from a single, user-friendly touchscreen. The MURC works with both SCR rectifiers and switchmode power supplies of varying sizes, and allows users to save time with the automation of recipes, fault diagnostics and data logging of multiple rectifiers with up to 12 programs (8-steps) that can be stored, copied and deleted. The company also offers preventative maintenance programs that can be customized and tiered to keep  rectifiers and switchmode power supplies running safer and more reliably. A PC-based process controller is said to accurately control multiple SCR rectifiers and switchmode power supplies as a process from a laptop, desktop or tablet.

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