Dynatect Roll-Up ChemTank Cover Reduces Heat Loss, Evaporation

Tank covers designed to to improve efficiency, productivity and environmental conformance.
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Dynatect’s ChemTank Cover is a corrosion-resistant chemical tank cover developed to provide electroplaters with convenient and space-saving options. The company says that the cover is designed to accommodate a wide range of tank applications, including chemical and surface finishing, anodizing, etching, plating, cleaning and more. It is said the cover system helps reduce heat loss and evaporation, and its roll-up design offers easy manual or drill-drive operation.

Dynatect’s ChemTank covers helps reduce heat loss and evaporation.
Dynatect’s ChemTank covers helps reduce heat loss and evaporation.



According to the company, the cover can accommodate obstructions over the side of the tank, such as hoses/piping, agitators and more. The roll-up design is also said to save space, allowing application to side-by-side tank installations. The ChemTank cover includes a PVDF-coated PVC shade and compatible hardware to maximize chemical and temperature compatibility. A stainless steel wiper removes condensation from the cover as it is retracted. The cover is for tank openings with widths of 24” to 80” and the roll-up feature can be applied to tanks up to 60 feet long.




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