ECI's Benchtop Analyzer Optimizes Plating Bath Solutions

QualiLab Elite system combines cyclic voltammetric stripping and library of analytical recipes for metal deposition to determine additives in electroplating baths.


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ECI Technology’s QualiLab Elite benchtop plating bath analyzer combined with its ChemPack library of analytical metrology works to optimize electroplating and electroless plating bath solutions by determining the additives in electroplating baths.

ECI QualiLab Elite benchtop plating bath analyzer.

ECI QualiLab Elite benchtop plating bath analyzer.

According to the company, the QualiLab Elite analyzer supports multilanguage operations and provides accurate analyses in an ergonomic design. Its modular design configurations range from a simplified, compact single-sample manual analyzer to a fully automated closed-cell system that can measure up to 42 samples without operator intervention. It is said that all models offer high-precision selectivity and analyses combined with easy-to-use software, advanced reporting and data handling features along with ECI Technology’s proprietary Chempacks analytical recipes.

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