EPi Metalworking Products Help Parts Stay Stronger, Longer

Sealing and finish products inhibit corrosion and prevent rust/oxidation.

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EPi will showcase a variety of products, including E-Brite 5.0 CU, a formula that solves the immersion problem in copper barrel plating. It plates directly onto zinc diecast (zamac), and the resulting plating sticks to the casting. It has uniform, low-current density distribution and excellent throwing and covering power, especially in low-current areas.; E-PASSivate Yellow-Red is a single-dip, yellow passivation for zinc-plated substrates formulated to offer salt-spray resistance for as many as 200-250 hours to white rust without an additional topcoat.; and E-Mist NF, a fluoride-free, biodegradable mist suppressant for Hex Chrome. It is a special blend of surfactants that do not contain PFOA-, PFOS- or PFO-related components. It uses halogen-free chemistry, and is utilized in chrome-anodizing and chrome-plating solutions to reduce their surface tension.