Exair Cabinet Coolers Fit in Tight Spaces with Side Mount Kit

Appears in Print as: 'Cabinet Coolers Fit in Tight Spaces with Side Mount Kit '



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Exair’s NEMA 4X cabinet cooler is designed purge and cool electrical control panels, protecting sensitive electronics from heat, dirt and moisture. And the Type 316 side mount kit enables it to be mounted even when the electrical enclosure has limited space on the top or side.

The coolers convert an ordinary supply of compressed air to 20°F without refrigerants or chlorofluorocarbons, and the cold air is circulated through the enclosure to eliminate high-temperature malfunction. Cooling capacities to 5,600 Btu/hr. are available. A compressed air filter ensures that no moisture or dust is introduced inside the panel. Optional thermostat control minimizes compressed air use.

Applications include cooling programmable logic controllers, microprocessors, variable frequency drives, industrial computers and robotics.