Exair Ion Air Gun Swiftly Reduces Static

Exair has added the Intellistat Ion Air Gun, which can reduce 1000V of static down to 100V in under a second, to its Gen4 static eliminator product line.


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A photo of Exair's Intellistat Ion Air Gun in use
Photo Credit: Exair

Exair's (Cincinnati, Ohio) Intellistat Ion Air Gun is a handheld, lightweight solution for static elimination in clean processes or sensitive assembly work such as that taking place in scientific and electronic test facilities, laboratories and clean rooms. Exair designed the Intellistat to consume minimal compressed air while simultaneously delivering precise blow-off. The company also says the Intellistat achieves static decay rates capable of reducing 1000V to less than 100V in under a second at up to 24” away.

The Intellistat includes a short-throw trigger which Exair says requires minimal effort. In addition to integrating a low-voltage transformer that converts 120V to 24V, Exair designed an air nozzle to maximize efficiency and meet OSHA requirements for sound level and dead-end pressure. An LED light signals red or green to signify proper functionality, and a hook facilitates easy hanging and storage.

Exair says the Intellistat is a low-maintenance addition to its Gen4 static eliminator product line, one that is both UL-listed and CE-compliant. The company also recommends the device in applications requiring non-conductivity — such as circuit board or electronics manufacturing or testing — due to its durable static dissipative polycarbonate construction.

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