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Exair Offers Selectable Voltage Power Supply for Static Eliminators

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Power supply enables users to choose input voltages of 115V AC or 230V AC.

Exair’s Gen4 two-outlet selectable voltage power supply enables manufacturers to choose input voltages of 115V AC or 230V AC. Two 5kV stainless steel output connectors can energize two static eliminators. According to the company, applications using up to two Gen4 super ion air knives, ion air guns, ion air cannons, ionizing bars or any other Exair Gen4 static eliminator product can be connected to one power supply, which is UL-component recognized as well as CE and RoHS compliant.  


The unit features an electromagnetically shielded modular power supply cable which is said to ease routing and connections, while an integrated fuse on the primary protects against voltage spikes. A lighted power switch indicates operation and is field replaceable. The company says that the power supply is housed in a durable metal enclosure (5.5” × 4.0” × 3.4”) which is useful for rugged, industrial environments. Gen4 static eliminators that have a bayonet-style connector can be inserted into the power supply where the electrical connection is made deep inside in order to prevent a shock hazard.


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