Exair VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun Uses Variable Force

Exair’s VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun with a Nano Super Air Nozzle uses a variable flow trigger to provide various levels of focused force for users’ application needs.


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A photo of Exair's VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun with a Nano Super Air Nozzle, with the extended sizes on a wall in the background.\
Photo Credit: Exair Corporation

Exair Corporation’s (Cincinnati, Ohio) VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun with its Nano Super Air Nozzle provides a focused blast of air the company says is strong enough to handle tough jobs. This ¼ NPT CE-compliant lightweight air gun employs an engineered variable flow trigger that produces variable force upon targets when used. The VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun also includes a full-finger trigger and hanger loop, while the Nano Super Air Nozzle requires only 8.3 scfm and is made of Type 316SS or PEEK thermoplastic.

The air gun body is made of high-impact, glass-reinforced nylon. The airflow that exits the nozzle can’t be blocked, assuring safe operation and meeting required OSHA standard 1910.242(b). During operation, the VariBlast reaches 75 dBA, well below the limits of the OSHA noise exposure standard 29 CFR 1910.95(a).

Users can purchase the VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun at a standard length, or with a 12" or 20" extension. Exair also offers an optional, impact-resistant polycarbonate chip shield.

Exair also offers a variety of other Super Air Nozzles with different force and flow values. The company says that all of its Safety Air Gun product lines are CE-compliant and use engineered air nozzles for high performance and safety, and that all have options for extension pipes and chip shields.

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