F.A.S.T’s EDCell Reduces Replacement Costs

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The company says this cell will reduce the overall cost of ownership.


F.A.S.T. EDCell


Filtration and Separation Technology Intl. Inc.’s (F.A.S.T) EDCell is a 1.5" and 2" tubular anolyte cell designed for electrocoat users to quickly disconnect and separate the anolyte cell into different sections. The company claims that this cell will reduce the overall cost of ownership and will save users up to 45 percent in replacement costs. This design is coupled with a welded membrane seam said to improve its chemical compatibility to cleaning and sanitizing agents, provide a more robust seal and increase the effective membrane area by having a minimal ½" seam overlap down the length of the membrane. The cell’s design enables the anode to be fully rotated without disassembly. 

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